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Co-Curricular Activities

Welcome to Handmaids International Catholic School Aguda

“Handmaids” aims to develop in every pupil, the skills, aptitudes and abilities required to become emotionally resilient and autonomous learners. We desire to encourage every child to value high achievement, imbibe a sense of commitment, and be prepared to adapt and to innovate.

Research has shown that students who are not motivated academically will stay in School and complete requirements because of their involvement in club activities. Hence, all work and no play too often makes little Zobi a dropout. Although technically non-academic, co-curricular activities provide social as well as intellectually stimulating interaction.

In “Handmaids”, our co-curricular activity programme plays an important part facilitating the achievement of these aims by extending the curriculum beyond that which is taught academically. We aim to run a wide variety of co-curricular activities for pupils and these extra activities offer pupils opportunities:

  1. » For learning the value of teamwork, individual and group responsibility, physical strength and endurance, competition diversity, and a sense of culture and community;
  2. » To make the education received more balanced through the application of academic skills in real-world contexts as required;
  3. » To provide greater options in relation to the choices of careers and vocations that pupils might wish to take to in the future.


Enrolment in any activity requires written parental consent and membership is limited to enrolled pupils. School clubs are also prevented from condoning or promoting illegal activity, disturbing pupils or others or disrupting the school’s academic pursuits.

Clubs / Activities

Red Cross Society

Nigeria Scout Association

Jet Club

Music Club

Press Club

Literary, Drama and Debating Society

French Club

Home Makers Club

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word," (Lk 1:38).
"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word," (Lk 1:38).