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This is a core subject studied in the school and is incorporated into the school’s curriculum in all grade levels with an allotment period of about one hour per lesson.

Teaching Methods

Pupils’ interest in mathematics is arrested right from the Pre-nursery section where it is taught as ‘Numbers’ which include the introduction of shapes and quantities in a very colourful manner. The school ensures that a comfortable and most-modern environment is provided to facilitate the teaching of numbers at this stage.

Nursery sections in the school are very interesting and worth experiencing as pupils continue the learning of mathematics as Numbers. A more advanced approach to the teaching of numbers is applied at this stage. Here, the pupils are introduced to Addition (Plus), Subtraction (Minus), Multiplication (Times), and Division (Sharing of objects) of numbers via the use of counters, objects and bundles tying and tallies. This makes the learning of numbers concrete and child-centred. Furthermore, there is practical exposition of the children to the spelling of numbers.

The teaching of mathematics reaches its peak in the lower and middle basics classes. Here there is more brain tasking calculations and practical approaches to mathematical learning. Also, pupils are expected at this stage to face other mathematical challenges beyond this level. To ensure that mathematics is taught properly in lower and middle basics classes, teachers make the lessons interesting, participatory, informative, innovative, empirical, result-oriented, and competitive among the children by using play-way and grouping methods to achieve the desired outcome.

The outcome of proper handling and studying of mathematics in the school enables the pupils to be confident, self-reliant and to face any mathematical task in any field of endeavour in future. Also, we aim for our pupils to attain excellence in performance in school and to realise their ambitions of becoming successful professionals. It is our target that they will become problem solvers and actively participate in mathematics quizzes and games. Their participation in these programmes enhances their mental stimulation and development.

In the school, teaching and learning of mathematical approaches are further enforced and extended to the children’s domicile. We also completely incorporate I.C.T to make mathematics research based and a self-discovering experience.

"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word," (Lk 1:38).
"Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done to me according to thy word," (Lk 1:38).